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Fazebra est une marque de sacs à main fabriqués avec des matières innovantes et respectueuses de l'environnement.

Préférez-vous le cuir de cactus

ou la peau de raisin ?

Fabriqué en France avec un cœur italien.

vegan  123.png

J'aime le

image 1.png

Chaque modèle peut etre réalisé en peau de raisin ou de cactus

150 €

The little brother of the Rectangle.
It is a very cute and versatile handbag, as you can have it with short handles, for a more elegant style or with long handles carried on the shoulder.
Cotton lining with pockets.
Dimensions: 26x30x8cm

cactus carre ombra.png


200 €

Square shaped tote bag.
Very spacious, for the woman who wants to have space without giving up style. A square, simple and effective attitude.
Cotton lining with pockets.
Dimensions: 31x31x10cm

rect small ombra.png
carre cactus 2.png
coquelicot rouge 1.png
cabac tulip rouge.png


200 €


Le Coquelicot is the latest in the family and the one that has the potential to become the brand's icon. Tote bag, carried by hand or on the shoulder (short or long handles), pretty pleats give it a casual look and at the same time a romantic aesthetic.
Cotton lining.
Dimensions: 40x32x10cm


The best-seller of the summer, its shape makes us think of the beautiful tulip flower. Very practical and versatile bag, can be worn on the shoulder, for a more elegant style, or across the body, by detaching the chain from the carabiner, for a more casual style.
Cotton lining with pocket.
Dimensions: 25x25x8cm

tulipe vert 1.png


150 €

tulipe vert 2.png


150 €




35 cm wide for this professional and stylish bag. Its rectangular shape with zipper can hold a small tablet for professional use or plenty of accessories for a casual outing.  Cotton lining with pockets.
Dimensions: 35x29x4cm


Its name tells its story. Rectangular shape, zipper, zippered pocket  on the back, sleek style. Ideal for a walk, in the metro, on a trip.
Cotton lining with pockets.
Dimensions: 29x22x4cm

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