An Italian heart, an international soul and a light spirit.

  Passionate about handbags and accessories, exclusive fabrics and innovative materials, curious to experiment and make my dreams come true, I became a designer almost by chance, inspired by encounters with different cultures, my life in Africa, my daily life: an innate creative vein and a talent inherited from my seamstress grandmother.

Italian by birth, I now live in the south of France, inspired by the colors and warmth of Provence.

My creations are passionately handmade, in one-off or small series, personalized according to the tastes and creativity of my clients.    



Maintain a privileged relationship with my clients, inspire women to be magnificently imperfect, daring, authentic, fully aware of their uniqueness.


I don't have extreme convictions and I always look for a balance and a fair way. I work just as well with animal leather, an ancestral, noble and durable material, as with vegan leather, an innovative and attractive material. I choose my suppliers among those who follow good professional practices and who respect animals and the environment.


Dare to change


Joy and lightness

Social commitment

I have a special attachment to South Africa, where I lived. A part of my profits goes to support the employment of women in the township of Soweto.