Ordinary, excentric, sophisticated, adventurous, committed ...

My being and my appearance have evolved over time, thanks to my life experiences, to encounters with different cultures and to my deeper introspection. In one sentence: an Italian heart, an international soul and a light-spirited attitude.



Passionate about handbags and accessories, exclusive fabrics and innovative materials, curious to experiment and make my dreams come true, I became a designer by chance, with an innate creative vein and a talent inherited from my seamstress grandmother.


My style is not exactly "trendy". My handbags offer something different, the freedom to dare, the pleasure of making a dream come true, the possibility of being yourself and always different. Choosing a FAZEBRA handbag means choosing the pleasure of wearing a quality, unparalleled, customizable piece of craftsmanship that reflects who you are.


Maintain a privileged relationship with my clients, inspire women to be magnificently imperfect, daring, authentic, fully aware of their uniqueness.


Dare to change


Joy and Lightness