Fabrics and Leather


Shwe Shwe is a fabulous printed cotton fabric, traditionally used in South Africa for clothing. It's colorful, vibrant and with a great story behind... Renowned as South African heritage, its uniqueness lies in the endless geometrical patterns and in the wide range of intense and bright colors. The name 'Shweshwe' is onomatopoeic and reflects the sound of the material swishing with the movement of the  Xhosa women wearing dresses made with Shweshwe fabrics.

Shweshwe fabric is the original Three Cats 100% cotton printed in South Africa.


FAZEBRA's American fabrics come from the happy collections of textiles created by the two world renowned designers Kaffe Fassett & Brandon Mably. Their fabrics are simply amazing, with explosions of colors and patterns. 100% cotton and soft silky touch.


When temperatures start to drop, be glamorous with furry handbags made from the highest-quality faux fur available. How do you feel today? Brave as a Lion or vain as an Ostrich?


FAZEBRA cares about environmental responsability and chooses suppliers who have a low impact leather tannery process, including sustainable waste management and reduction of chemical use.

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